Geotechnical Services

Efficient Geotechnical Design & Engineering Solutions.

SaLUT-TLB was established in Maryland as a small research firm dedicated to improving agriculture production. In 2012, SaLUT acquired Thomas L. Brown & Associates, Inc. (TLB) to continue the expansion into the fields of Geotechnial Engineering, Pavements, and Materials Engineering Consulting and Subsurface Explorations. SaLUT-TLB is both owned and managed by professional engineers and scientific professionals.

Our Services

Geotechnical Design

Geological Evaluations, Geotechnical Analysis and Design Criteria, Grouting Design, Virtual Design.

Pavement Assessment

Pavement Testing and Evaluation, Pavement Condition Survey, Pavement Research & Forensics, Mixture Design.


Soil Compaction, Hot Mix Asphalt, Portland Cement, Concrete Properties, Soil Bearing Capacity, Rebar Location.

Stormwater Management

Soil Borings, Field Infiltration Test, Borehole, Double Ring, Laboratory Tests, Data Analysis.

Vacuum Excavation

Wet/Dry Material, Storm Drain Clean-Outs, Exposing Underground Utilities, Vacuuming Rocks, Dry Sand, Debris and Waste.


Piezometers, Slope Inclinometers, Strain Gauges, Settlement Monitoring, Crack Monitors, Tilt Meters, Tap Extensometers.

Recent Geotechnical Projects: