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With over 25 years of experience executing federal, state, municipal and private sector projects, SaLUT encourages you to browse through our featured projects below.

Facility Condition Assessments

SaLUT conducts Property Condition Assessment (PCA) to inspect and report on the physical condition of properties. We also identify potential future issues including liability to our clients. The PCA’s provide our clients an understanding of the condition of facilities and provide recommendations for corrective actions.

Condition Assessments, Metropolitan Police Department Headquarters Condition, Washington DC

The Henry J. Daly Building functions as the headquarters for the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). The facility has experienced numerous flooding incidents due to a faulty cooling tower. SaLUT has conducted multiple assessments, tested for mold, and conducted remediation at the Daly Building. Recently, SaLUT conducted assessments of peeling paint, hazmat, mold and remediation associated with a flood in the Chief of MPD’s Office. The inspection was performed in response to occupant concerns related to odor in the Chief of MPD’s office. SaLUT’s assessment included photo documentation of the office, an IAQ instrumentation screening, air samples; submission of samples to analytical lab and development of precautionary measures to address reoccurring concerns.

Condition Assessments, DC Public Schools 

SaLUT provides condition assessments for 118 DC Public Schools (DCPS) and other DC-owned facilities. SaLUT conducts assessments of schools to identify items that need repair or maintenance. We perform inspections of plumbing electrical systems, roof, attic, insulation, walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, foundations, basements and structural elements. These repairs not only address health and safety issues for occupants but can help to reduce the severity of damage versus leaving the deficiency unaddressed.

Condition Assessments, DC Homeless Shelters and Recreation Centers

SaLUT conducts condition assessments of DC homeless shelters and recreation centers. We conduct unit assessments, complaint and emergency inspections and we follow-up and re-inspect units that failed a prior inspection. During each assessment, our inspector assesses all rooms including the living room, kitchen, bathroom, all other rooms used for living and all secondary rooms not used for living including common areas. SaLUT is well-versed HUD, DC and federal laws regarding public housing. All work is performed with minimal disruption to tenants/occupants.  

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