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About Us

Why SaLUT?

SaLUT is a client-focused company. We get to know our clients, their business goals and serve as an extension of their team. For over 25 years, we have provided environmental health and safety, compliance, and industrial hygiene services. Additionally, we provide geotechnical services including drilling, laboratory testing, construction materials testing, and geotechnical forensics . SaLUT’s commitment to provide our clients with excellent customer service with timely, expert, and cost-effective solutions as the foundation of our continued success.

Outstanding environmental, industrial hygiene and health and safety experience.

For over 25 years we have provided our clients high
quality, cost-effective services in 45 states and over 160 countries.

Expertise conducting facility condition assessments. 

SaLUT conducts assessments of schools, residential properties, administrative and public buildings to assess the physical environment for health, safety, fire and other potential hazards.

Proven emergency and rapid response experience. 

We have proven experience meeting the most stringent, time critical response requirements with a response time between 15 minutes to two hours.

Established in-house geotechnical engineering expertise

As owners of our own field exploratory and drilling equipment, SaLUT provides soil test borings, operates a ASSHTO certified laboratory tests, and construction materials testing while delivering timely reports.

Award-winning performance

We received the 2004 and 2010 US Department of State Assistant Secretary’s Award for Excellence. (show the latest award below). We have also received numerous letters of commendation from our clients.

About SaLUT

Established in 1976,  Soil & Land Use Technology, Inc. (SaLUT) is a small business with expertise in environmental engineering, environmental compliance and Industrial Hygiene. SaLUT also provides expertise in health and safety, emergency response, facility condition assessments, CAD/GIS, and geotechnical engineering. We are a small business under multiple NAICS codes with size classification standards of $15 Million in annual revenue. SaLUT supports federal, state and local governments and private sector clients in 45 states and over 160 countries.

SaLUT employs over 100 professionals with the majority of the staff located in our Washington, DC and Glen Burnie, MD offices. SaLUT has an extremely well educated and technically knowledgeable staff consisting of Professional Engineers, Certified Industrial Hygienists, Certified Safety Professionals, Certified Asbestos and LBP professionals, Master Well Drillers and other accredited professionals.

SaLUT provides services as a prime contractor on federal, state and local government contracts. We also provide services as a prime and subcontractor to the private sector. We have project management and accounting systems in place to provide quality controls on all project management functions. We maintain our current Representations and Certifications in the System for Award Management (SAM).

SaLUT is Certified as:

By the Maryland Department of Transportation and the City of Baltimore

By the District of Columbia

By the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority 

Company History

1976 - SaLUT was established in Maryland as a small research firm dedicated to improving agriculture production.
1989 - An engineering component was added which continued to grow and expand SaLUT's resources and capabilities.
1989 - SaLUT received its first Industrial Hygiene contract with the US General Services Administration.
1991 - SaLUT was purchased by Mr. Pradeep J. Perera, PE, the current owner and President.

1993 - SaLUT acquired NFE, Inc. resulting in a large construction inspection component in Boston, MA and a drilling operation in

           Baltimore, MD

1994 - SaLUT purchased EastStar Engineering which added a significant environmental engineering component enabling us to provide

           environmental support to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, US Army Corps of Engineers Baltimore District, the

           Environmental Protection Agency, National Institutes of Health, The Pentagon, and numerous other clients.

2012 - SaLUT acquired Thomas L. Brown & Associates, Inc. (TLB) to continue growth in geotechnical engineering, pavements, and

           materials engineering consulting and subsurface explorations.

Meet the SaLUT Team

Key People

At SaLUT, we understand that our people are our most important asset. We rely on our professional staff and give them the authority and responsibility to effectively conduct their work. They are the ones who make us successful. We have created an atmosphere that encourages innovation, fosters professionalism, and demands ethical and honest behavior. Our professionals are dedicated to providing our clients with superior service. Click on any of the names from the list below to read a brief professional profile of some of SaLUT’s Key People.

Pradeep J. Perera


Andy McAllister

Vice President

Anthony Shiyan Fernando

Vice President of Business Development

Dilan Mack

Vice President of Operations

Mark Applegate

Certified Industrial Hygienist

Chaminda Indika Jayatilake

Environmental Engineer/Certified Industrial Hygienist

Amy Diamond

Environmental Scientist

William Wainger

Professional Engineer

Azzam Jawad

Civil Engineer

SaLUT’s Associates

To supplement our staff, SaLUT has arrangements several highly skilled, senior-level individuals, who bring additional expertise to our company. These Associates all have long working relationships with SaLUT and supplement our capabilities on a as needed basis. Click on any of the names from the list of our Associates to read a brief professional profile.

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