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With over 25 years of experience executing federal, state, municipal and private sector projects, SaLUT encourages you to browse through our featured projects below.

Industrial Hygiene

SaLUT is committed to protecting the health and safety of the community and individuals in the workplace.

Our certified Industrial Hygienists and technicians assist clients in identifying and evaluating potential risks associated with asbestos, lead, mold, radon and other hazards.

Expertise in Industrial Hygiene Practices for Environmental Compliance

SaLUT provides turnkey Industrial Hygiene services for asbestos, lead-based paint, hazardous materials, and mold assessment and abatement for schools, administrative buildings, residential properties and public facilities. We have the expertise to assist our clients from the initial discussions relating to renovations and demolition activities, to the inspection phase, design phase, contracting, permitting, performance through oversight, final clearance and inspection reporting. SaLUT's Industrial Hygiene personnel provide a wide variety of services using state-of-the-art equipment and methodology. Our Industrial Hygiene capabilities include the following service areas:

• Abatement Monitoring

• Asbestos

• Database Management

• Design Specifications

• Drinking Water Quality Inspections

• Emergency Response

• Emergency Response

• Hazmat Inspections & Reporting

• Indoor Air Quality

• Lead in Drinking Water

• Lead Based Paint

• Management Plans

• Mold

• Noise Monitoring

• Radon Surveys

• Surveys

• Training


Since 1996, SaLUT has been providing industrial hygiene services at US embassies and consulates world-wide under three successive contracts. To date, over 300 tasks have been completed in 160 countries on all continents. Asbestos inspections have been conducted in over 150 countries, and comprehensive management plans have been prepared for over 200 posts. Other industrial hygiene services have included mold and lead paint surveys, asbestos and mold remediation oversight, radon abatement designs, and indoor air quality assessments.

Lead, Asbestos, TCLP, and PCB Sampling and Testing, NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic

On two consecutive IDIQ contracts, SaLUT provides the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC), Mid-Atlantic industrial hygiene and environmental assessments. SaLUT’s staff of Certified Industrial Hygienist’s, Industrial Hygienists, AHERA certified inspectors and lead assessors conduct surveys and collect asbestos, lead, TCLP, PCB (fluorescent light ballasts and oil/tar) samples for seven Naval facilities located in Hampton, VA. SaLUT has a long-term relationship with local certified Labs for sampling analysis.

Industrial Hygiene Services, Cannon House Office Building (Architect of the Capitol) 

SaLUT provided comprehensive industrial hygiene services including mold assessment, lead inspection and abatement monitoring, asbestos sampling and abatement monitoring, PCB sampling, and emergency response for then 826,465 SF facility. SaLUT collected, analyzed, and evaluated lead, asbestos, PCB air samples; documented exposure assessment, abatement activities, engineering controls, sample locations, sampling, removal and engineering control diagrams, and photographic documentation. We participated in meetings to discuss the implications of the mock-up results, and how best for Architect of the Capitol to address PCB removal throughout all AOC properties. We also evaluated regulations as they apply to study results and future AOC PCB policy 

Industrial Hygienist Services, Reagan National Airport 

SaLUT provides industrial hygiene and environmental services during the Ronald Reagan International Airport North Concourse demolition project. The project consists of demolition of two post World War 2 hanger buildings and the Corporate Office Building, each over 100,000 SF. Activities include asbestos and lead inspection, industrial hygiene support, and environmental site investigations in support of on-going construction and expansion activities.


Under a continuous series of contracts from 1989 through 2007, SaLUT provided on-site asbestos and lead removal monitoring to ensure proper and safe removal procedures in accordance with EPA, OSHA, GSA, and local requirements. SaLUT provided up to 10 industrial hygienists simultaneously throughout the National Capitol Region. SaLUT completed over 550 separate delivery orders, often being called upon to respond with between thirty minutes and four hours notice.


SaLUT provides AHERA Inspector and Management Planner Initial and Refresher training to facilities managers. Persons who successfully complete the courses are certified in the states of Maryland, Virginia, New York, and in the District of Columbia.


Asbestos and lead survey and abatement oversight services were provided by SaLUT throughout the Pacific Rim facilities managed by the Honolulu Engineer District. Asbestos work was performed in accordance with AHERA and State of Hawaii Protocols. Lead work was performed in accordance with U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and State of Hawaii protocols. SaLUT surveyed approximately 400 buildings, including major portions of Tripler Army Medical Center (one of the largest military hospitals in the world), hospital support buildings, medical and veterinary clinics, industrial buildings, office buildings, barracks, single family homes, and special function buildings.

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