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With over 25 years of experience executing federal, state, municipal and private sector projects, SaLUT encourages you to browse through our featured projects below.

Emergency Response

SaLUT prides itself on 24-hour availability to provide emergency assessments and response. In response to emergencies such as gas leaks, floods, storm events, pest infestations, or infectious disease concerns SaLUT ensures crews respond within one-hour to assist in the coordination, testing, or restoration as necessary.


Water Leaks and Potential Mold Growth, Naylor Road Shelter, Washington DC 

SaLUT performed an inspection at the Naylor Road Shelter in response to occupants’ concern of mold growth in association with recent water leaks on the property. The assessment for non-viable mold growth included investigating for any sources of water leaks in two apartments and the Main Office. The result was there were no visible mold growth found and no odors were observed at the time of the assessment. Based on the visual inspection and since the water damage areas were properly dried out and restoration work carried out on time, the assessed area was considered suitable for occupation.

Lead in Drinking Water, Washington DC Public Schools

DGS tasked SaLUT and a second contractor with conducting an emergency lead in water survey of all drinking water sources throughout the DCPS system. We obtained and analyzed 16,855 samples from 7,781 devices. We completed the fieldwork in less than one month and provided the report of our findings ahead of schedule. We provided expert consultation and regulatory support to DGS. We are now overseeing the installation of 4,021 filters by licensed plumbers. We conducted a similar survey of all DCPS water sources several years earlier. On that project, we hired nearly every DC licensed plumber for a two-week period to repair or replace all non-functioning drinking fountains and to replace all missing or outdated filters.

Professional Cleaning and Disinfection, Child and Family Services Agency, Washington, DC 

Due to a suspected case of scabies, SaLUT’s performed Professional Cleaning and Disinfection at the Child and Family Services Agency. SaLUT implemented the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for scabies prevention and control recommendation of thorough cleaning and vacuuming, therefore SaLUT initiated Deep Cleaning and Disinfection procedures to decontaminate the area.
We installed air scrubbers with High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) and carbon filters as immediate response action to neutralize airborne contaminants in the environment and assist with drying after cleanup. SaLUT’s cleanup crew then cleaned, disinfected and decontaminated the area utilizing fully equipped PPE consisting of gloves, disposable full body clothing, head gear, foot coverings, full-face respirator with HEPA filter. Our CIH conducted a post-cleanup clearance inspection to confirm the impacted area was safe for reoccupation.

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